Grant County Oklahoma Commissioners

One County Commissioner is elected from each of three districts within the county. These districts must, by law, be approximately equal in population. County Commissioners serve on the Board of
County Commissioners and act as the principal administrators of the county. Their duties include the following activities:

• Selling or purchasing public land or buildings for the county
• Auditing the accounts of other county officers
• Approving the purchase of operating supplies, equipment, and
services contracted for the county
• Supervising county road and bridge construction and maintenance
• Developing personnel policies, designating holidays, and approving salaries for county employees
• Approving payment of the county payroll
• Auditing and approving tort claims against the county
• Receiving and approving bids for major purchases or construction projects
• Authorizing and maintaining an inventory of all county property, owned or leased, that is valued at more than $500.00 and is not used in road or bridge construction
• Preparing the county budget in conjunction with other county officers
• Monitoring the county solid waste program
• Calling county elections for various purposes
• Reapportioning commissioner districts in accordance with Census Bureau criteria
• Purchasing surety bonds (blanket bonds) to cover all county officers and employees

The Board of County Commissioners holds a regular monthly meeting at the county seat. All meetings of this board are open to the public except for executive sessions, which can be closed sessions under certain circumstances as defined by the statutes.