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April 1 is Census Day.  Have you filled out your 2020 Census? The Grant County 2020 Census Complete Count Committee has been working to make sure you know why it's important for Grant County that you to complete your census.  This newsletter is coming to your mailbox soon.  Preview and Read more here:

Wakita Road Project is Going to Happen

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Grant County Commissioners Attend Leadership Day at the White House

The White House has invited every county commissioner in the country to attend a series of 35 summits held at the Old Executive Office Building.  In addition to county commissioners, other county officials, city mayors and tribal leaders totaling more than 2000 have participated over a two-year period. More

Vice President Mike Pence meets with local officials from Oklahoma, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska at the State Leadership Day – Official White House Photo by D. Myles Cullen


County Leaders from Oklahoma Invited to the White House - Vice President Mike Pence Thanked Counties for Their Work and Being the Boots On The Ground

County leaders from the state of Oklahoma were invited to the White House to develop a working relationship between the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and counties and cities. There were over 30 county commissioners from Oklahoma including Grant County Commissioners Cindy Bobbitt and Max Hess. Additionally, Oklahoma Municipal League Executive Director Mike Fina and other City Mayors and officials were in attendance.  In total there were over 50 representing Oklahoma.

The National Association of Counties (NACo) hosted Oklahoma officials in a pre-briefing on issues of importance to counties, including the farm bill, transportation, education, PILT, SRS and the opioid crisis, just to name a few.  Executive Director Matt Chase welcomed the county commissioners followed by greetings from Cindy Bobbitt, NACo Central Region Representative. 

Despite the drenching rain the following day, officials took a tour of the White House in the morning and in the afternoon went to the White House Conference in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.  Britt Carter, Associate Director of White House Intergovernmental Affairs served as facilitator.  Carter is a true friend of county government and said Trumps Administration will work with local government!

Vice President Mike Pence was well spoken; he recognized the importance of counties and that counties are the boots on the ground, the ones doing the work! He relayed that President Trump couldn’t make it to our meeting as he was out of town; however, Pence pointed out that he was hearing the President’s helicopter coming in to land as he was speaking with us.  Pence said that President Trump believes that we all need to lead by asking questions, and that is what he does.  He shared numerous stories’ including building our nation’s economy that presently has grown over 4% this year.  During the election the press said that would never be accomplished, but it continues to grow.  A group picture was taken followed by a few “selfies” that Pence allowed. More

Rowdy Bazer  - Grant County Oklahoma District 1 Bridge Crew & MowerBridge Crew & Mower - Rowdy Bazer

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