District #4 Attorney

District Attorney

The District Attorney is the chief prosecutor within each of 27 districts in Oklahoma. Most District Attorneys serve more than one county. The District Attorney performs the following duties and may be assisted by one or more Assistant District Attorneys.
• Serves as criminal prosecutor in district court
• Assists a grand jury with legal advice, witness examination, and indictments
• Provides witness and victim assistance
• Represents the county in all civil actions or proceedings in which the county is a party
• Serves as the principal legal counsel for county government to give opinion and advice to the Board of County Commissioners and other civil officers of the county when requested by such fficers and boards, on all matters in which the county is interested, or relating to the duties of the boards or officers in the county.

Outside Counsel


The County Sheriff, County Treasurer or County Assessor has the authority to employ a general counsel, either in-house as a staff attorney or through an outside law firm, to advise or represent that officer and office in performing the official duties of that office. The Board of County Commissioners must approve all contracts for outside counsel. Any general counsel employed must be compensated from the funds of the employing county office. In any proceeding in which a county officer brings an action against another county officer, the district attorney shall not represent either county officer in the action. If the District Attorney and the Board of County Commissioners agree, the county may hire outside counsel at the expense of the county.