Grant Count Oklahoma Communities

COMMUNITIES – Grant County is comprised of some of the most unique counties in Northwest Oklahoma. If the community has a website, click on the name of the town.

Medford (County Seat)

Medford, Oklahoma Town Hall Medford, Oklahoma Fire & Rescue

Deer Creek


Jefferson, Oklahoma United Methodist Church

Jefferson United Methodist Church

OLD SEWELL RANCH – Learn more about Grant County's most treasured landmark, nestled alongside the historical Chisholm Trail.



Nash, Oklahoma Town Hall Nash, Oklahoma Lions Park

Pond Creek

Pond Creek, Oklahoma City Hall Pond Creek, Oklahoma Mural

Pond Creek, Oklahoma Fire Department Pond Creek, Oklahoma Round Barn


Renfrow, Oklahoma Renfrow, Oklahoma Community Building


A progressive town with a progressive future. Home to the Twister Museum and home to the movie Twister.

Wakita, Oklahoma Mural Wakita, Oklahoma Town Hall

Twister Cafe - Wakita, Oklahoma Twister Museum - Wakita, Oklahoma

Wakita Foodland - Wakita, Oklahoma