Max Hess, Commissioner for District 1, is excited to announce that the anticipated road project west of Wakita will commence on September 21, 2015. The whole process could take up to four months. The construction will be done in two phases. The beginning phase will start at Oak Street in Wakita and run to 11A and Kiowa Junction. The second phase will begin at 11A and Kiowa Junction and run 5 ½ miles west of Wakita to the new bridge. Commissioner Hess wants to alert the public to watch for detour signs that will be showing up in the near future. Those of you with homes in the construction area will have access to your property. This project will greatly enhance the roads and bridge in this area.

Projects such as this would be financially impossible without the CIRB Program. With the passage of House Bill 1176 in the summer of 2006 a new section of law was approved in the Oklahoma Statues as Section 507 of Title 69. This law effectively created the County Improvements for Roads and Bridges program of CIRB.

This program is a way to fund bridges and roads. The money comes from 20 percent of the Motor Vehicle Taxes. These CIRB funds are important toward helping counties in Oklahoma address their critical construction, repair and maintenance needs for county roads and bridges. Over 70 percent of the state’s roads are county roads. The goal of the program was initially to eliminate the number of structurally deficient bridges in the state by the year 2019. This fund was jeopardized due to budget shortfalls as Oklahoma State lawmakers voted to slide back 44 projects across the state. It appears these projects will have to be broken down into several different phases. The fund was cut by 72 million dollars.